say hello to you all ~

hello everybody .
glad to meet you .

i want to improve my english skills .
and i feel nice to say what i think in english .

ok . 就这样吧。

If it could be ...

if it could be ...
i want to fly to one year ago .
we went to the playground hand in hand .
we sat at the edge of the ground and one of a headset .
sometimes we sang songs without lyrics and just melody .
sometimes we just sat there saying nothing in silence .
sometimes we talked about the passing in a loud tone .
sometimes you told me the sorrow and happiness .
it was the last hot summer before we take the big examination --- zhongkao .
the sky has been full of white clowds .
it was hot hot and hot .
but i felt warm with you .

where are those days going ?

the sky has been full of paper plane .
but when you come back ?